Why map customer experiences? - Experience Mappinig
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Why map customer experiences?

Creating value

The world is very complex – people interact with services, products and brands across multiple channels. People we have multiple touch points and experiences with service providers, products and brands. For example, how people experience or manage their diabetes through to the home delivery experience of people who have purchased an item online is very complex.  By mapping out complex customer experience you can:

  1. Identify what is working well (and not so well) with your product or service
  2. Map future opportunities for innovation against the needs of your customers
  3. Bring the customer experience to life for members of your team who may not interact with customers on a regular basis. Helping member of your team emphasise with customers
  4. Benchmark your experience against your competitor’s
  5. Develop a road map for future development
  6. Align your strategic priorities with the funcatioal and emotional needs of your customers
  7. Develop new value propositions
  8. Build a customer centric service

At the end of the day customer experience maps enable to you to create and deliver experiences which align with the expectations and needs of your customers or service users. Creating experience maps enables project teams to make better design and strategic business decisions.

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