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About us

Find out a little bit about us

Richard Linington is an anthropologist and has been carrying out user research/design research since 1999 – please see Experience Research and Consulting.   Over this time one of the key outputs of the projects he has worked on have been customer journey, customer experience and patient experience maps in one form or another.  Customer experience maps are becoming more prevalent and in response to this we have set up experience-mapping.co.uk as a dedicated service offering.

A little bit about Richard & xxxxx

We are deliberately a small team and bring together the core skills of research, anthropology, strategy and service design. Meet Richard and xxxxxx

Richard is the principal of Experience Research and Consulting Limited, which has set up experience-mapping.co.uk. As a anthropologist he takes a holistic approach to carrying out user research where he uses his skills to help solve complex problems and develop strategic solutions.

The ethnographic research he carries out helps companies uncover the surface and latent needs of people which are then used to develop experience maps. The user research helps to ensure  suggested solutions focus on the target audiences who will use them.

Richard is an experienced research professional and systems thinker who has been carrying out ethnographic research for over 17 years in the commercial world.  He has broad consultancy experience from mobile technology through to the healthcare, public services, tourism, recreation and heritage sectors.

Prior to setting up Experience Research and Consulting and now experience-mapping.co.uk Richard worked for BMP DDB Needham, Razorfish (where he worked for clients such as including the Wellcome Trust and Astra Zeneca). He has an MA in sociology and anthropology and a BA in history and development studies.

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How we like to work

We have adopted an agile, collaborative and prototyping approach and this is central to delivering our work. What does this mean in reality?

Agile. We are not overburdened with processes.


We work in short sprints to ensure that we can adapt quickly to new projects and to ensure work is delivered quickly and efficiently.

Collaboration. Whether you are a business analyst, technologists, marketing specialist, scientist, engineer or other member of the client team we encourage you to take part in the fieldwork. We want to share how we work.

Prototyping and experimentation. It is important to recognise that customers or service users lead complex lives and when developing the first iteration of a customer journey or customer experience map it is essential to prototype this with customers.